Stress & Health The importance of mental health

Stress management courses will emphasize the significance of understanding and maintaining mental health.

Mental Health + Physical Health + Self-Esteem = Overall Well-being

Mental health and physical health interact with each other. For example, if you think positively you will feel physically better.

In comparison, if you injure yourself or get sick, you'll probably have more negative thoughts and begin to feel incompetent.

Students who are insecure due to poor mental health will have more difficulty trying to combat stress.

Mental health also affects self-esteem. If you have good mental health, you will be more confident and optimistic in who you are. If you have poor mental health, you will think negatively about yourself and be insecure.

Stress management courses will teach coping skills such as exercising, getting good sleep, spending time outdoors, and reading the Bible and praying.


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