Kassidi Foster

My name is Kassidi and I am currently a student attending High school. In the future I plan on becoming a police officer. I plan on attending college for 1-2 semesters to study criminal law and working with the police station till I am old enough to go to the Academy. I am an athlete and am very passionate about art (photography, video filming, and drawing). I am always looking to improve and strive to be the best I can.

On the Left you will see a photo of the woods behind my house. There is a river in the photo as well, part is frozen over. This photo is the worst of my photos because there is little to no symmetry. While yes techniques where used to take this photo, the is no real main subject to this photo. While on the right you will see the one of my better photos which does have symmetry. The photo also has one main point which focuses on the objects/subject of my photo, the sea shells and the surrounding objects. There is not background distraction giving the subject more attention.
On the Left is a run-off photo of the USS Massachusetts statue. In the middle is a symmetry photo of the USS Massachusetts statue. On the right is a rule of thirds photo of the USS Massachusetts statue. I uses a white backdrop to keep from any distraction and used the light from my desk lamp to give the photo more light.
Above are four of my stronger photos that I took of Letters formed with objects. The first photo is the letter K formed with three different types of eyeliner. The second photo is the letter A formed with three pens. The third is the letter L formed from a door and the handle of the door at my school. The last is the letter E formed from the bars on the window holding the glass in place.
This is a photo of my sister playing softball for a travel team called the Storms. The photo is created to have a Daguerreotype or tintype look.
The photos above is the process of creating a Cyanotype (last photo on right). The photo on the left is the original photo. The photo in the middle is my negative. I used Photoshop to create a negative to print on transparent paper. Then using special chemicals and laying them on a heavy white paper, I then was able to use UV light and Sunlight to create an exposure or Cyanotyoe of my sister catching. The last Photo is the final result or the Cyanotype.
This is a kaleidoscope I created of my cousin and I.
The photos above where taking to focus on texture.
Over April vacation, I went to the lake by my house and took some photos, these are three of m best shots. The lake I took pictures of/at is where I go to fish and clear my mind. The lady in the photo is my mother who is fishing off the peer where we like to fish off of.
The photos above where taken to interpret lighting. These photos have changed how I think about the effects of lighting. Depending on the angle of the light depends on the results of how the object will appear. texture, shape, color, shadow, and more are all effected about the way in which light is positioned.


Kassidi Foster

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