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With a sound influenced by some of the best early indie bands such as The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen, Ride and Sugar, Echolines craft powerful songs with catchy hooks, leaving a lasting impression.

So, our boys Echolines released their first single as part of the 6NOT4 gang this week. It's the rather splendid love song - RatherHaveU. None of that cheesy shit, none of that singer-songwriter nonsense, just a bloody great rock of a song. It's available to download from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and stream from those places and Spotify too to get yer listening gear on and give it a listen.

The lads knocked together a wee promo video of it too from their recent trip to London with fellow north-easterners The Voluntears - you can see that here:

Check them out live too - you'll enjoy it! Live dates listed on Songkick and on their website:

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