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The Start of SAVVY

Savvy The Business Magazine was birth through a vision of Melissa Ambers as she worked on an event for a client of Behind The Scene Expert LLC. She has always had innovative ideas that have given any project a jolt. SAVVY is a contemporary magazine that has a way of creating efficient and effective solutions for any business to be successful. Melissa is exceptional at starting conversations that lead up to collaborations and partnerships. As a result of her efforts, why not bring others together in a unique way. “SAVVY” Magazine is born.

Our goal is not only to inform, but to encourage Professionals and Entrepreneurs to continue their journey to success. SAVVY The Business Magazine is not just another magazine to flip pages, and we want our readers to connect with you by utilizing your tips, products, and services to boost productivity and growth. Savvy Business Magazine is a resource for every business. Due to request and inquiries our audience has grown to be a digital international business resource.

Please submit inquiries, articles, and advertisements to info@savvymag.biz.

2021 Black History Month Special Edition

This issue was a great honor for the publisher because she is a woman. Melissa experience is no different than any other woman. In less than a week, this issue not only circulated around the US, but it reached 9 countries ( Trinidad, Italy, Grenada, Morocco, India, Italy, UK, Ireland & Australia). It is unfortunate, that in 2021 we are still facing some of the same issues just because we are women and if you are a black woman, you must have thicker skin. It's sad, but the truth.

As Business Owners we look for resources that are affordable and informative. SAVVY The Business magazine is essential to business owners that want growth and boost productivity

SAVVY The Business Magazine is a platform for experts to contribute articles that can improve your daily operations. There are plethora of apps and online tools on the market.

Experts are anxious to bring you the solutions and answer questions. It's all about the audience.

SAVVY The Business Magazine can lead to experts facilitating workshops. Industries are looking for economical ways to boost their staff's productivity.

Advertising is a fraction of the cost of other publications. Marketing your business is crucial to your brand. A Full Page Ad is $200 and Half page $75.

SAVVY understands that small businesses budgets are not enormous. This is one of the reason we will never have massive rates. We runs specials often so there is a chance you can get a full page advertisement lower that $200.

In addition to providing a savvy platform, but we can assist with your ideas for marketing and the look of page. As an expert in your field you can contribute to SAVVY. Letting others know your expertise is a instant approach to enticing your future clients.

SAVVY The Business Magazine is viewed all over the world by Small Business Owners & Professionals

It is a resource that is pursued and requested.

Digital magazine - why digital, not print - SAVVY The Business Magazine is a international digital magazine. We want to do our part of "Green Initiative" by saving paper and ink. Hard copies will be printed upon request.

Entrepreneurs trust SAVVY because we provide reliable information and indispensable. Business Owners anticipate the next issue for those invaluable tips. We listen to our audience to provide what is needed and answer all questions.

Melissa was a contributor for Exposure Business Magazine. During that time articles were shared over 150,000 shares on social media. Now that we are back full time with SAVVY we are looking to contribute the same type of articles. Engage with our audiences and continue to share articles to inform, celebrate, and offer solutions.




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Contributor for Business Magazine

Story about a woman that started a non-profit organization to help women of domestic abuse.


The movie "Like A Boss" is a movie that shows the connection of two women that can build a successful business. Sometimes they may not agree, but they will work it out and make it happen. This is a story that happens in business and this is a GREAT message.


Celebrating another woman that is promoted to Vice president of any company is worth celebrating.


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Melissa Ambers