Liberty University Offers Students More Hands-On Experience Through News Show On Campus by Whitney Robertson

Liberty University continues to live up to their motto, "Training Champions for Christ" by offering digital media students broadcast experience through an upcoming, on-campus news show.

Students will have the opportunity to gain experience outside of the classroom by running a news show that will incorporate different types of segments:

- News (On Campus and Lynchburg)

- Campus Life

- Entertainment

- Ministry/Missions

The University currently has a sports network that reports Flames athletics through radio and live stream as well as a campus newspaper. However, Liberty does not currently offer much opportunity for the broadcast aspect of news.

"Especially with journalism, we do a lot with writing about stories within Liberty, but we don't ever turn that into broadcast," current digital media and performance major, Megan Davis said. "I think it would be great to be able to do Liberty news and even Lynchburg news but in a broadcast setting."

Len Stevens, External Communications Executive Director and previous anchor and news director for WSET, says having experience putting together a college newscast is very beneficial for students looking for a job after school.

"I think it's invaluable - I don't think there is much that could possibly replace that experience," Stevens said.

According to Stevens, working for a college news show stimulates what it would be like to work for an actual news station more so than being in a classroom would. Students are able to feel the pressure of quick deadlines and criticism, and are, thus, able to determine whether being in news is what they really want to do before they graduate.

Faculty within the Digital Media Department are also concerned with getting students outside experience before graduating.

"Once some of these shows are up and going, there will be a place for freshman to come right in and start and there will be a place for seniors to really sharpen their skills before they leave and, ideally, give everybody resumé information that, when they walk away, they don't have to say I studied that, but they can say I did that," Digital Media professor, Pamela Miller said.

The news show will be filmed in one of the studios in Green hall and will hopefully be implemented within the next few, upcoming semesters. Students will be allowed to audition to be apart of it in hopes to broaden their resumés and gain hands-on experience in broadcast.

Broadcast News Story Script:

Liberty University is in the works of creating an on-campus news show to be run by digital media students / Megan Davis, a Digital Media and Performance major, says she is excited about the experience this news program offers / The show is predicted to be up and running within the next few semesters /

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Whitney Robertson

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