CSHS Student Support Ideas and strategies to help students at CSHS

On the paper provided, list the type of support you have given to our students thus far. What have you done or been assigned to do?

Top 10 Ideas to Help Students Succeed

10. Bring positive energy to the task. It's contagious.

9. Help students visualize what is being read. Ask questions. Have them explain what they "see".

8. Be willing to help all students in the classroom. This eliminates the "hovering" aspect that could make a student feel uncomfortable.

7. Work with individuals or small groups for re-teaching.

6. Redirect students as needed, teach students to self-regulate via taking breaks when needed and appropriate, etc.

5. Use different strategies to help students remember information. (ex. Have student repeat information to you, correct any misunderstandings, Teach the use of acronyms to help visualize lists. ROY G BIV = colors of the rainbow. Make flash cards of new vocabulary terms. Help highlight or provide highlighted materials, etc. )

4. Collect data/work samples on your particular students. What are you seeing? What questions do they usually have? Any patterns? Then use this data with the general and special education teachers to find strategies to further assist the students.

3. Model appropriate behavior with devices. Put them away in class. Use them when and for the intended purpose of the lesson only. Otherwise they are in a backpack.

2. Model good habits and refocus student learning. (ex. Help students get started on bellwork, copy agenda, turn in anything, etc. when class begins.)

1. During direct instruction, listen to instruction and model note taking and active participation. Then, provide any assistance to students. Feel free to help others surrounding as well.

Questions? Concerns? Further assistance you need?

Work with the teacher. Ask questions of him/her. We are a team with the same goal....to help the student succeed.


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