Portraits of Beautiful Boys By Joey journeay

Welcome to my gallery of portraits. For this project we had to take portraits of our classmates outdoors. We got to use tools like deflectors and reflectors for this project which allowed for better quality in our photos.

For this I had to get an organic smile from Aaron so I just told him he is a beautiful soul and got that nice Colgate smile.

F/2 Shutter 1/4000 Sec ISO 400

Leaned up against the wall like the ultimate chiller that he is Nhan Nguyen pops a smirk to the lens. To capture this moment I had my beautiful model lean against the wall and got an assistant to put a reflector on to Nhan.

Here we have the ever good looking Aaron Yeung popping a smile. The key for this was to get him nice and comfortable when I was going to take the picture. After he got comfortable the rest was history I told him to give a nice stare off into the horizon.

The sassiest man alive Nhan giving off his trademark seductive stare. This was another example of having to get my model to become comfortable in front of the camera. Although he does not look it he is very camera shy so it was pretty tough to break him out of his shell.

The finale of the cute Nhan Nyguen on this webpage. This one Nhan was fully broken out of his shell. I really like this one because of the coloring going over his face. i really enjoy how his eyes come off with this spooky glossiness.

I know the title of this is Portraits of Beautiful Boys but I just had to include this one of Daina. For this one I saw her just messing around in the trees like a monkey so i told her to strike a pose and this is what came out. I really like how the pictures from this day because how clean the photographs look.

I hope you enjoyed the photos i took I know enjoyed taking them. Through this project I learned a lot but most importantly I learned how to better work with models and better communicate what I want them to do. For beginners I think the most important tip I can give is to just make sure you make your model comfortable because after that then the rest will fall, pictures with a comfortable model will look better than pictures with perfect settings and an uncomfortable model.

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