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Employees felt like decisions were being made in an ivory tower without their input. That wasn’t really the truth, but that was the perception - and perception is reality

Octapharma launched Mazzum at their facilities and plants across Switzerland, and started a real dialogue on innovation with their employees. In order to effectively engage their employees, the leaders needed to create a two-way dialogue.


The innovation platform was a highly effective way to reach hundreds and thousands of workers and get their input on improving Octapharmas’s business.

SharePoint is an enterprice collaboration Plattform for Octapharma, so it was stratetic to build the solution on theier exisiting SharePoint Farm.

Company management was also keen on the idea of using technology to gain feedback and ideas from its large workforce. And the MAZZUM concept won the backing of senior leaders.

Awsome Ideas, Awsome Results

People were a bit concerned that the ideas were going to be unreasonably large and really difficult to make happen and not aligned to our strategy. That hasn’t happened. They’ve been great.”

Gamification with Winners

One important part of Octapharmas journey with MAZZUM is that they proactively used the innovation platform to boost employee engagement. In other words, they didn’t wait for the “perfect” moment when workers felt more involved but instead took steps to boost engagement and create the innovation culture the company and its employees wanted. The result was a platform that gave them major innovation bang for their buck and helped the company meet strategic goals.

About Mazzum

Mazzum is an Sharepoint and Office 365 based solution,

developed by Microsoft Partner ACAR in Switzerland.

www.acar.ch / info@acar.ch


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