CAP Update 09.2020

Hello Families! This is a big Month for CAP. New Programs and New resources for your players. Please take a few moments to read through it.

Regional Showcase Teams
Rush CAP App
Guest Playing
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Regional Showcase Teams

Southern Showcase: Arsenal Challenge

  • 10/9/2020-10/11/2020
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Southern Showcase: Rush Cup

  • 11/06/2020-11/08/2020
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Midwest Showcase: Grand Park Showcase

  • 11/13/2020-11/15/2020
  • Indianapolis, Indiana

Northeast Showcase: BOYS Showcase: visitraleigh.com Boys Showcase

  • 11/20/2020-11/22/2020
  • Raleigh, NC

Northeast Showcase: Girls Showcase: visitraleigh.com Girls Showcase

  • 12/04/2020-12/06/2020
  • Raleigh, NC
The Official Rush Soccer CAP App is HERE! The CAP App allows me to send notifications to certain age groups, assign task or homework to aid you in the recruitment process. Send you reminders (per team) when you are attending a showcase and need to send emails to the college coaches
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