wolves in yellowstone by abby

The wolves were banned from yellow stone in 1800. They were banned because they ate too many elk and deer and they thought that the wolves were thrashing of the balance of nature. The wolves were scared, killed or hunted out of yellow stone. A few years later the elk and deer started to through of the balance nature. The animals were dying because the elk and deer weren't killed by the wolves which means all the plant were gone and yellow stone wasn’t very pretty. I think that it was a good idea to bring the wolves back to yellow stone.

I think that it was a good Idea to bring the wolves back to yellow stone because the little animals that wanted to eat plants couldn’t because the elk and deer were eating all of the plants. When the wolves were reintroduced in 1995, they killed the elk and deer and brought back the plants. I'm also glad because Doug smith said “After a little while the wolves got on the endangered list” on how wolves changed the rivers. The rivers were changed because when there was no plants, the river went every where but when the wolves came and the plants grew back it straightened up the path.

Bringing back the wolves also had some down sides. Cattle and sheep were killed and many farmers were angry. “I was very surprised when they decided to bring them back, they don't have to worry about their sheep and cattle”’ local farmer said. Then farmers were even more surprised when the wolves didn’t eat as much as they thought they would. They were already preoccupied with all the deer and elk.

roar! hear me roar!

For this paragraph we looked at how the wolves changed the river video, how the wolves changed the river paragraph, the wolves reintroduced video and national park website. “What we're finding is that the ecosystem is incredibly complex” says Doug smith a wolf expert in how wolves changed the rivers paragraph. I hope you find this information useful! That's why I think it was a good idea to bring back the wolves.

Thank you!

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