Allary Hillary Holmes & Abbey jenkins

Find your perfect

Welcome to Allary, the only place where perfect becomes a reality. Allary is a place where you live your perfect life and not have your perfect life be chosen for you. This includes a small list of rules/rights which are:

  1. No hurting someone emotionally or physically.
  2. No shaming someone for race, religion or beliefs. You can choose to be religious.
  3. You can choose if you want to work of not. You can choose a job after 18. If you work you will be provided with a comfortable home. If you don't you still live a comfortable life in a smaller community home.
  4. You are required 1 hour of work/community service, 1 hour of exercise and 1 hour of school from age 4-18.
  5. Free to start any business or organization.
  6. You are free to have as many children as you are able to support. You choose your spouse.
  7. No arranged marriages. You are allowed a divorce if necessary.
  8. Twice a year you are required to do a "reality check" which is a short survey seeing if you are keeping up with work and your social life.
  9. You can eat anything without gaining weight or getting sick.
  10. If you are unhappy you can leave.

Allary island is located on the ocean border of beautiful Costa Rica

Daily schedul

Ages 0-3

  • 1 hour daily-social
  • 1 hour basic education
  • 1 hour daily-sensory(touch and feel)
  • rest of day is up to gardians

Ages 4-10

  • School starts at 10 am
  • 2 hour daily school
  • 2 hour daily-social
  • 1 hour daily exersize
  • rest of day is free

Ages 11-18

  • School starts at 9 am
  • 3 hour daily school
  • 2 hour daily social
  • 1 hour daily exersize
  • rest of day is free

Ages 19 +

  • Work 3 hours if job is chosen
  • rest of day is their choice


  • if you have completed a healthy amount of work, exercise and developing socially you may continue to live in your home and retire.
  • you may retire when ever you like
  • retirement is not required


Here in Allary, our government is in the form of an oligarchy/ democracy. The wisest elders will be the leaders of the community. You can vote which elders you would like. Every eight years a new group of elders will be selected. It is not required to vote.

Allary is a place of peace where poeple of all races, men and women live. Here you are given an education a good home and experience the wonders of natures best. You can hike, have beach day, ski or snow board in our indoor resorts, enjoy shopping and theme parks or just chill on a pool side.


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