From student to professional: Advice from Hurricane alumni Jordan Lewis

Alexandra Zayas, Class of 2005

"Never burn bridges and always follow the Golden Rule. Give more than you take. Figure out what you stand for and have that be your north star. You can have a successful life while also staying true to your values. Never compromise on them."

Jay Rooney, Class of 2007

"While you're in your 20s, have as much fun and stay as late out and drink as much booze as you can, while you still can. Go on a spontaneous road trip, going wherever the road takes you. Experiment as much as you can..Basically, live in the moment and enjoy this time in your life, when you can be relatively carefree, because it'll be gone before you know it."

Bari Lieberman, Class of 2008

"Know your worth and demand it— don’t be afraid to say no to brands or projects that are undervaluing you."

Hilary Saunders, Class of 2010

"Be kind to yourself [and] take advantage of your time at UM. It’s a beautiful place, with so many smart professors and advisors and administrators, the best of whom really are there to help you succeed."

Laura Edwins, Class of 2011

"Say 'yes' to everything. Sometimes you may feel like you're taking on too much, or that you're being asked to do tasks that aren't technically part of your job description, or that you're signing up for something you're not qualified for. Push all that self-doubt aside, ask for help if you need it, and figure it out."

Alysha Khan, Class of 2014

"Just 'cause you studied one thing doesn't mean that you have to spend the rest of your life in that field. Build a strong skill set and then see what you can use it for."

Julie Harans, Class of 2017

"Find what you're good at and what you love and follow that path. As someone who actually looks forward to going to work every day, I can tell you that no salary or amount of prestige is worth being at a job you don't enjoy or that doesn't keep you excited."

Marcus Lim, Class of 2017

"For aspiring journalists, write, write, write. Every 200 words makes you better."


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