At the beginning of time the gods lived at the top of mountains Olympus the world below had no money.

Jaike the kind of gods decided the world should have money so he told Brad to make money and for Pierce to give people the money. When they had finished Jaike was so pleased with how well Brad had done he introduced him to the first woman who is called Abby.

Brad and Abby instantly fell in love with each other and they were soon married.

On their wedding day Jaike gave them a strange present. It was a large wooden box with a golden key. Jaike said as long as you never open this box you will always be happy.

Brad hid the chest away in the attic and forgot all about it, but Abby couldn't. One day she crept up to the attic to have a look. She heard a voice inside, "let us out!" Abby turned the key and opened the box.

The lid flew open and it two ghosts flew out. "I am evil! I am war!" they shouted.

Abby cried and tried to shut the box but then she heard a tiny voice. "Don't shut me in, I am money. Let me out and I will make everyone rich".

So Abby opened the box and one no one was ever poor again

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