Nostalgia is when a person looks back on their life in times of crisis, hardship, or just for fun.

looking back on certain times, or places in my case, you find comfort. you find a happy place that gives you the motivation and encouragement to keep going and keep striving.

In retrospect, my ability to be able to look back on the past to positive events to find that motivation to keep going is probably why I'm such a stubborn person now.

Nostalgia is a feeling many for the longest time thought was a mental disorder. People believed that since nostalgia and unfortunate events often occurred in a synonymous fashion, it must be bad. What many failed to consider until recently was that it was not nostalgia which brought on unfortunate events. But unfortunate events which brought on nostalgia.

Nostalgia is an important coping tool all can and should utilize.

When i look back and indulge in nostalgia, one of the happiest times in my life involved a place. many of my happiest moments revolve around the summers i spent up at cultus lake. it provides comfort when i need it, in times of stress or sadness or dullness in my life.

Looking back on the summers spent up at Cultus, it's amazing to realize what a great environment it had been for me, to have a wide open space to grow and set down the foundation of me and who I am. Looking back there reaffirms the decisions and paths I have taken, or will take in life.
The beach was where we would spend a majority of our time.
Not just swimming, there were parks on just about every block the kids could walk to on their own to play.
I'd spend a lot of the summer goofing off there with the other kids from my block, or my cousins.


Looking back on those times I remember where I cam from, who I am, and in times of stress of low self esteem. I remember how I can be myself, and be most comfortable being me.

The End


Shelley Reubens, Mckenna REubens

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