The Weekly CAHPS News 4/3

Happy Spring!

New Announcements

A Message from Mr. Rambo

CAHPS Community- I want to thank you all for a great launch of D6 Connected. We met our goals of getting students re-connected with teachers, learning the technology and getting ready to continue trimester 3. In an effort to limit the number of Parent Square messages you receive- THE WEEKLY IS BACK!! Please take the time to read through the entire document and share information with your student. Please pay special attention to the following two items:
  1. Next week is our first full week- please see the below schedule and make sure your student attends their classes.

2. Please review the following Online Classroom Guidelines with your student:

  • To access Google Classrooms and video sessions all students must be logged in through their school email and with their first and last name. This helps teachers to take attendance and ensure students are attending the correct class.
  • Student microphones should be muted unless they are actively participating in the class discussion.
  • Make sure your student has a dedicated place in your home to be a successful student.
  • Students should not be on other devices or accessing other online materials when logged into a class. This can be disruptive and limits the students ability to follow the teacher.
There will be more academic work this week- please have your student show you their weekly plan in each class and help them access help when needed. As always- call or email if you need anything – school related or if your family is struggling with other things- we can get you in touch with resources. You can contact Angelica at 541-494-6312 and at angelica.jones@district6.org.

The D6 Express

District 6 has created a new program, D6 Connected EXPRESS. Our buses will be delivering meals and other items to students via the D6 Connected Express routes. While the Express does not go door to door, you’ll find over 60 stops throughout the district and there is likely one near you. In conjunction with D6 Connected your student will be able to have items like library books or supplies and materials delivered to the bus stops. Please note that social distancing mandates will be in place at all stops—students and parents will be asked to maintain at least 6 feet from one another and D6 staff during the distribution of meals and other items. D6 Connected Express stops can be found at the following link https://s.ripl.com/cb5ugt. Please check D6 Express routes frequently as they are subject to change.

D6 Connected

Since the state mandated closure of all Oregon schools, the Central Point School District has been working to develop a robust, engaging and challenging distance learning program which launched on April 1st, 2020. Please head over to https://d6connected.district6.org for everything related to remote learning.

Info for Graduating Seniors

We are also concerned about the impact on our graduating seniors and recognize the incredibly short timeline for decisions. We want to assure graduating seniors and their families that District 6 is dedicated to taking every action necessary to assist seniors in graduating and in being as prepared as possible for their next steps. As soon as ODE releases a plan for graduating seniors, it will be posted here. Every senior in District 6 will have personalized support and communication from a staff member at their school to assist in meeting the requirements set forth by ODE. Finally, in an effort to slow the rumor mill, none of the proposals superintendents have reviewed require seniors who are currently on track to graduate, to attend school this summer.


There are two ways to order yearbooks: 1. Email julie.rettmann@district6.org and request one for your student. 2. Go into your student's account that you use to pay fees and add a yearbook to your cart and pay for the book at that time.

Online Payments

Parents, please visit https://touchbase.district6.org to purchase yearbooks and pay fines. You can call our bookkeeper, Julie at 541-494-6314 to pay for credit retrieval. Her hours are 8am-2pm, Tuesday through Friday.

Classroom Spotlight

D6 Connected

Last week was Wild Wednesday in Mrs. Oppenheim's 9th grade TIESS 1 class! They got to bring a pet, favorite stuffed animal, or taxidermy trophy. They could also wear animal-print clothing or animal hats. They had a super fun, 30-minute pet parade after class which was a great time to connect. Notice Beaudy Jordahl's squirrel skin. Carson Turcotte split the time between his baby nephew, his dog, and the fattest cat in the class.
Ms. Savage's 1st period Honors English


District 6 is awaiting the final word from ODE and OSAA regarding Spring Sports.

We Care

If your family is in need of anything, please reach out. We have many resources regarding food, finances, etc. Call Angelica at 541-494-6312.


During this time where school does not feel “normal” – we all may be feeling more isolated without connection. If you want to connect – please do! We are all wired for the need to belong and have connection. This is a confidential safe space. You are valuable. You are important! Click on the following link to connect with our counselor, Michelle Grush. http://blogs.district6.org/michelle.grush/


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