Suicidal By Louise saunders

It was summer time here in New York City; the sun was being blocked by the tremendous skyscrapers which make all the golden tree's lining the pavement look like a mouse. There I was standing on the edge of the curb waiting for my taxi. Like always the roads were filled with fast moving cars going in all directions. That was the moment I noticed a scruffy looking man rolling back onto his heels, forward making him even taller as him consequently going on tipee-toes.

I noticed him holding a creased piece of paper. His eyes glued to it he wiped away a tear.

He didn't seem aware of his surrounding, like he was in a world of his own. His clothes were torn and his hair a mess like a teenagers room. He looked heartbroken as if everything had gone wrong and could never be fixed. Going back to the piece of paper it looked like a photo, I couldn't get a good look at the time as he was a good 6 feet away from me.

He wiped away another tear.

Yet at the time I didn't see any point as his face was glistening in the light from the former ones that had now landed on the photo. His hands were shaking as he brought the photo to his sore looking lips and he kissed it gently. Next his mood seemed to change, no longer crying he crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it on the dirty pavement next to his feet.

The traffic lights went green and he stepped into the road......

Everything after that was a blur. His body lay in the road with the now stained red taxi in front of me. I stumbled towards the piece of paper on the pavement that once touched his lips. It was a photo, himself and beautiful women and 2 young children. They looked so happy all together. But that was when I realized what was in front of me. In that moment I was the person wiping a tear away from my eye trying my best not to effect my make-up. I whispered to myself.... 'his family'.


Created with images by Leo-setä - "New York City" • Franck_Michel - "New York facets - Watching NY from a rat's eyes #2" • Punk_Rock321 - "Crying" • Yoshikazu TAKADA - "Traffic Light" • klimkin - "retro photo album memory"

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