Great Gainesville Car Show Matt Evans

Flyer for the event

My friend Michael Cizek organized the Great Gainesville Car Show this year that took place in Downtown Gainesville close to the Hippodrome Theater. What is so great about this event is besides the fact that he did it by himself, he created the show for a group project. Michael is a junior business major at the University of Florida and he was required to do the project for his class in sales management and marketing. The proceeds from the event are going towards an organization called Noah’s Endeavor, a local nonprofit that hosts activities and events for children with disabilities. What makes Noah's Endeavor a really unique and special organization is that it really isn't targeted to specifically children with disabilities because they make it clear on their website under their list of activities that children who don't have disabilities can participate as well. With activities like "Soccer for all" and "Bowling for all," the organization is very inclusive and gives kids an opportunity to make new friends and participate in sports, handicapped or not.

While at the event to show my support, he explained to me that the purpose of creating the car show was to raise money for a great nonprofit organization that could bring something new, different, creative and exciting to the city of Gainesville so that people would be interested in attending and show their support. People of various ages tend to have an interest in cars and people love to show off their cars. The event had space for nearly 200 vehicles and it only cost $20 to register a car or truck and $10 for a motorcycle. You don't have to pay any money for admission to the car show, it is free for visitors. You only have to pay if you want to register your vehicle to be displayed in the show. You can just go downtown like myself and just see the cars, take pictures and maybe talk to the owners of the cars. The owners of the cars have a lot of interesting facts behind their cars that you might not know. With this in mind, the event raised approximately $4,000 to donate to Noah's Endeavor. This was a great turnout for the first official car show that Gainesville has ever had.

Members of the Gainesville Street Rods, a car club for people who have an interest in all types of cars and raises money for children with cancer, also attended the event to show their support for both Noah's Endeavors and their love of cars. It would have made more sense to plan the event together since the Gainesville Street Rods have experience with car shows, but it is nice that they attended. This shows how different groups and clubs in Gainesville can come together to show their support for a worthy cause and try to help the community grow.

What is also unique about the Great Gainesville Car Show is that there were many unique vehicles both old and new that some people have not seen in a very long time. It was mentioned before how the car show was a great way to learn interesting facts about various cars. For example, one man said he brought his 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint to the show. The Ford Falcon Sprint has a bench seat and only approximately 4,000 that were made that way, which makes the car unique and one of a kind. The car show was a big success as Downtown Gainesville was packed with people looking and taking pictures of the cars. It was a beautiful day and many people had a great time walking throughout Downtown Gainesville and observing so many beautiful cars and learning more about them.

The Great Gainesville Car Show can be used as an incentive for people to go out and explore Downtown Gainesville during the day as opposed to simply going downtown at night to all the bars and clubs. As a result of the car show, Noah's Endeavor received a lot of money that can be used to help the organization grow. Noah's Endeavor is a great organization that helps children with disabilities participate in different activities and sports while making new friends in the process. Hopefully the Great Gainesville Car Show will become an annual event in Gainesville so that it can raise funds for great nonprofit programs and can inspire people to attend and donate money for worthy causes. It would be a good idea for the city of Gainesville to organize the car show every year and every year has a different nonprofit organization to raise awareness for. The city can use the car show as an incentive to invite more people to come downtown. Organizations should also see this as an opportunity to bring awareness to their cause and get people to come out and show their support.

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