There are Christians who see in the Spirit and others who have the spiritual discernment of a water melon. There is nothing so tragic as thinking we are in the Spirit when we are not. This leads us into dead ends. Makes us vulnerable to doctrines of demons and just having ourselves on.

Clarity, insight and the ability to separated flesh from Kingdom are ours in the Spirit.

Paul urges that we live entirely in Christ because these is where we live in the Spirit and receive the Holy Spirit. First he warns about being bewitched and then asks. "Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh?" Paul is talking about the law. Let's be clear. If we are in the law we are not in the Spirit. None lived in the Spirit in the old testament age, neither Moses, David or Isaiah. People were ignited and led by the Spirit. They were not 'in the Spirit.' There was no interwoveness of being because there had been no Christ and there was no incarnation. Are you in the old car or in the new and living car of His Spirit?

God left behind the law, the temple and the old covenant and so should you. We are either in Christ or in Adam/Moses. Which is in the letter or in the Spirit.
  • Jesus illustrated the plusses of living in the Spirit of His Father just as the apostles did by living in the Spirit of Jesus. This is also our mission. But we need to live in that union with God called the new covenant. Here are the disadvantages of living in the old covenant.
  • We are tied to the law.
  • In the law we are separated from Christ.
  • We are 'in' the knowledge of good and evil because we are 'in Adam.'
  • We are crippled by the law of sin and death.
  • We have once again ceded our authority as sons to the pretender and father of lies.
  • We have re-instituted the fall in our derelict version of Christianity
You have a new vehicle of grace, spirit and authority called the NEW COVENANT. This is Christ your life, Christ alive in you and Christ multiplied as you. Here you have authority in your life and over the Enemy - not as the religious and old covenant believers but as with Jesus and the apostles.

We have a 'look' in the Spirit which is very different from our appearance in the old covenant realm of law and flesh.

These images are representations of our life in the new and old covenant - of life under the law and our Christ life in the Spirit of Sonship.

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