Misunderstood Lily Ford Period 3

In Holden's combat of depression, he feels like he is "just a kid" who is alone in the world, "I felt like giving someone a buzz [...] but as soon as I was inside, I couldn't think of anybody to call up [...] so I ended up not calling anybody" (P.59). While feeling as if everyone is drifting apart, always having something to do leaving Holden on his own as everyone grows up. In the song "I'm Just a Kid", it describes Holden looking around seeing everyone else happy, except him, "just to figure out that no one would call. I think I've got a lot of friends but I don't hear from them. What's another night all alone?" (lines 4-6). Everyone is constantly changing around him and he feels as if everyone is leaving him on his own, a child among adults.

Throughout the book, Holden struggles with change and the concern of growing up and having responsibilities, "I mean you'd be different in some way-I can't explain what I mean. And even if I could, I'm not sure I'd feel like it" (p.121). In the book, Holden's "safe place" is to run away from his problems, and avoid transition. In "Grow Up," the band Paramore embraces the reality of inevitably having to grow up, "me and reality, the light and the dark. We live alone, two different worlds" (lines 26-27), with a mindset that if someone doesn't want to stay in your life, move on. The band depicts the "light" and "dark" that show perfectly how life has its ups and downs, which is a message Holden soon learns at the end of the book, embracing reality.

Holden is not ready for the life of adulthood and catches himself in a depression upon realizing that you cant run away from your problems, "I was crying and all. I don't know why, but I was. I guess it was because I was feeling so damn depressed and lonesome" (p. 153). As Holden misses his brother and sister, and as he grows older without them, he realizes how hard life is to continue without the few things he enjoys about this world. In Akon's song, it perfectly narrates the way Holden feels about losing his brother and not being able to communicate with his sister, "I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely. I have nobody for my own" (lines 3-4). Holden is Mr. Lonely, abandoned by most people and as he tries to fit in, he becomes more and more left out.

Throughout the book, Holden has a burning desire to stay young, to stay pure from the filthy adult world, "I get bored sometimes when people tell me to act my age. Sometimes I act a lot older than I am-I really do-but people never notice it" (p.9). His immorality signifies him making sure that he doesn't get sucked in, and will forever stay young. "We the Kings" have a message here very similar to Holden's, "kick down the new year and the future. We can't get closer here, the walls are falling down" (lines 17-18), that youth is such a value, yet growing up is something one can't prevent. In the song, they discuss new beginnings and what the future holds, and the importance to treasure your childhood.

Holden is continuously feeling lonely, and acts like nobody cares about what is going on in his life, "Well. He's a very sensitive boy. He's really never been a terribly good mixer with other boys. Perhaps he takes things more seriously" (p.55). This quote angered Holden when it was said to him because he's misunderstood, and judged for not communicating well to people generally. The song "Take it Easy" by the Eagles, is a good description of Holden's emotions, "well I'm running down the road trying to loosen my load, got a world of trouble on my mind" (lines 27-28), how he has all these issues he carries around just trying to find relief. Holden is silently crying out and not being heard, nor is anyone understanding the troubles on his mind.


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