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There's a lake on the outskirts of our village. There used to be a path to it & that was a really nice walk on a summer's day.

However, in recent times the lake became a fishery, the pathway was blocked & became overgrown with brambles & small trees.

Well, it was a beautiful bright day and being addicted to photography and ever on the lookout for new scenes to shoot I determined that a trek through the undergrowth wouldn't be that bad.

To get to the lake was indeed a bit of a trek. The pathway was gone and I wasn't too sure which way to go but after about a 1/2 a mile I eventually arrived & this is what I found.

View on arrival
Last photo, probably the best.

After sunset I set off back & am ashamed to say that I became disoriented and lost. This way & that I scrabbled through shrubbery, hedges and a bog. At one point I had to cross a stream or ditch and dunked a leg calf-deep in mud.

By then darkness was fast approaching, I had no idea which way to head and was feeling exhausted, but rather than give up and find a cranny to spend the night in, I pressed on.

Eventually I stumbled across a track that looked like farm machinery had recently used so I followed it with no idea where it led. On & on it went for what seemed like a couple of miles. Darkness was now complete, there were no lights in the distance or any other sign of civilisation & I had a hell of a thirst.

This was all I could see:

At long last the track led me to a road, about 2 miles from home & a mile further than from where I'd started. By the time I got back to the car I was thoroughly buggered.

I got a couple of half decent photos out of it though.


Here's a few shots of fireworks to be going on with:

The End
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