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One of the stories that we read gave the positives and negatives of diversity. The positives were that “Diversity enhances creativity and encourages the search for new information and points of view, leading to better decisions and problem solving.” (Katherine W. Phillips). Students who have had experience with diversity on campus demonstrate greater citizenship engagement. The authors of these articles all gave well put together ideas and real life situations on how diversity could be a great thing. We learned that diversity has done a lot of good, but on the flip side of things sometimes more diversity could cause fights or disagreements in society.

Throughout the articles on diversity we have found many interesting and helpful facts. Reading the articles helped very much on showing us different types and perspectives of diversity. The first article showed that diversity can potentially improve individual's intelligence, therefore improving grades. In another article we learned about bringing diverse refugees into a town. Doing this it has improved the economy by filling all the vacant homes, and improve the tax base. We also learned that living in a democratic country supports this by having equal expectations for all. There have been many studies proving that diversity has helped create better society values for those interacting with other diverse individuals.The text proves that “Students who have had experience with diversity on campus demonstrate greater citizenship engagement”. In conclusion we have found that diversity has positively and negatively impacted the nation in many ways.

Description of Event

Our event is based on Senior Citizens and the youth coming together as one. Our event will take place on May 6, 2017. In this event we are going to spend a day at a retirement home and have the senior citizens share what they do in a day. We will also bring the senior citizens flowers and also share some things to show what we do in a day.

Senior citizens & The youth

We chose senior citizens and the youth because it is such a large difference in age and we figured both groups could share many things with each other.

Some Challenges could be not sharing the same interests such as music, food, and hobbies. More challenges would be the youth being very energetic and the senior citizens have less energy.

There are many benefits of bringing the senior citizens and the youth together. Doing this can show the different views of each generation. We are proposing lunch for these two diverse generation creating a stronger understand of each other. These two people grew up in much different times. One grew up in fancy technology and on grew up in a time of segregation and war. The seniors have been through a lot and are very intelligent.

Heather MacDonald. “School and businesses should promote Diversity” race relations: opposing Viewpoints, 2002, pp. 23-24

Tim Henderson. “Refuges can be an economic engine for small communities” state line, August 5, 2016, pp. 3-6


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