BLACKLICK ELEMENTARY Launches Calming Corners

Sometimes you just need to take a breather. This is the science-based philosophy being adopted throughout Blacklick Elementary as the school institutes calming corners throughout the school for students.

Last year, the staff at the elementary school began studying the idea of Conscious Discipline and its benefits to the learning environment. Beginning at the start of this school year, every room in the school is now equipped with a calming corner – offering students a chance to pause, collect themselves and manage their emotions. Even the gym, music room, art room and library have safe spaces.

A calming corner in a classroom at Blacklick Elementary.

“Everyone needs a break from time to time,” said Principal Kristen Groves. “This gives the students a chance to self-regulate so they can be the best learners they can be.”

Whether they are stressed over an assignment, getting frustrated with a peer or just are having trouble focusing, students are encouraged to take a few moments to visit the calming corner. They are taught to identify what “zone” they are in and then utilize one of the many strategies to bring them back to a place where they are calm and ready to learn.

  • Red: Angry, Terrified, Out of Control
  • Yellow: Excited, Frustrated, Worried, Wiggly
  • Blue: Sad, Tired, Bored
  • Green: Calm, Happy, Focused, Ready to Learn
Students are taught to identify what zone they are in.

Some of the strategies include: deep breathing, journal writing, drawing, yoga stretches, fidgets, and more – it really depends on the student and what works best for them.

“We want kids to know that everyone can use this space,” said Groves. “It is open to everyone and it is never used as a punishment. We want them to know you are in control of your emotions and it’s okay to take a break.”

Calming corners are open to everyone!

The idea of Conscious Discipline is based on the work of Dr. Becky Bailey and incorporates social emotional learning into the classroom – an idea that many schools are beginning to adopt.

The program has been widely praised by the parents of Blacklick Elementary following a recent PTO meeting where it was introduced.

“This is a life skill that will serve the students well now and in the future. The idea that you can regulate yourself and manage your emotions is good for them to learn how to do.” said Groves.

Students in the "Green Zone"!

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