Hailey Portfolio Fall Semester 2016

Why did you take Advanced Art and what did you expect to learn?

I took Advanced Art because art class has always been one of my favorite places to be. I get to try and make some of the ideas in my head and even if it doesn't work out at least I attempted it. Some things that I had expected to learn were basic art making skills and how to bring all my ideas to life in a creative way.

What pieces are you most proud of that you have completed this year?

These two pieces are two of my favorites of this year. The sculpture on the left was my first sculpture and took a month or two to complete and I am very proud of it. I spent a lot of time sculpting the features into the face and adding leaves and vines to give it a nature and overgrown look. She is suppose to represent the beauty of silence throughout nature and I think i did well with that. The second sculpture on the right

The process from beginning to end.

Which project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on? Why? How would you do it differently?

This painting is defiantly something i need to go back to and try again on it. I had really high expectations for it and i still do. Very soon I plan on pulling it back out and developing a well put together and creative idea for it. I think what I was trying to go for with this painting was to make something similar to my Sunflower painting i did a couple years ago. That painting was one of my most successful works and I love how it turned out. Within the next couple weeks I am going to be starting some big things and this very well might be one of them. ( I dont have other pictures from a recent time.)

In what artistic behaviors do you do you think you have demonstrated the most improvement?

The artistic behaviors that I have demonstrated are first, creating original art. All of my projects are all my own. I would really hard to come up with my own ideas and really show what type of person I am through all of my work. Some of my projects that are a really good example of this is one, my Tree Woman. She was all my creation and i love the feeling that no one else has created her at all and it makes her unique.

My second artistic behavior is developing art making skills. I havent worked a lot with clay at all before and its a amazing to feel so successful with it so far. I learned how to properly put together a clay sculpture and really make it detail and my own.


I think I can accomplish a lot within the next semester! I have a lot of ideas for myself right now and i am really excited to see where it goes! I want to try and do more drawing and maybe finish a great painting. I am struggling with getting started on things so that kinda stresses me out a lot. I need some more direction.

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