Professor Interview One-on-one interview with my physics ii professor

For my professor interview, I decided to interview my physics professor, Jason Brown. The only other options that I had for a professor interview was my materials science professor, who's cranky and well into his 70s, and my math professor who barely speaks English. So, I thought Professor Brown would be the best option. I didn't ask him many personal questions, I stuck to professional and college success questions. My number one goal right now is to graduate college, so I decided that asking him those kinds of questions would get me the most useful, and the most beneficial advice. The answers I got from him were about what I expected to hear from a professor. One interesting thing that he said was maintaining a consistent, but not constant, level of studying. I always thought professors wanted you to study all the time for their class, with most of them seemingly forgetting you have other classes besides theirs. He said that it's not necessary to study a lot, as long as your studying is consistent and you do a little bit each time. Another thing that I learned was surprising coming from a physics professor. When I asked him about the most important non-academic skill, he said communication. That's not something I expected to hear from a science-based professor, but I agreed with it 100%, how communication is one of the most important tools an engineer can possess. This affected the way I saw not just him but most math-and-science based professors, whom I always assumed were calculating and bleak and dry. His answer about communication really showed me another side to those kinds of professors that can understand more than calculations and laws.

The college skills and professionalism questions were what I used. I only used a few of them, and I made up some of my own along the way.

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