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Devoted to publishing books that awaken and empower others and advance ideas for making the world a more compassionate place. All of our projects are intended to inspire, motivate and transform. Stonewater Studio Books are available on this page and also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Barnes & Noble bookstores (select), and some libraries.

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Escape From Anxiety - Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z by Peggy Sealfon Offers over 100 techniques for interrupting patterns of stress, fear, pain and trauma. These easy-to-use methods are culled from a vast array of trainings and experiences by this internationally-recognized expert on stress and anxiety relief and have worked for thousands of readers and clients around the world. READ MORE (and get a free excerpt)
Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone by Yogi Amrit Desai Compiled and Edited by Peggy Sealfon In this publication, world-renowned Spiritual Master Yogi Amrit Desai guides you to access an inner awareness of peace, vitality and fulfillment. The book offers unique practices that enable you to skillfully manage challenges of life, health, intimate relationships, work, and more. Life is a journey without a destination. It is an infinite unfolding process. Discover how to release all struggles and thrive in the glorious light of the Zero Stress Zone! Available in paperback and digital audio CDs. READ MORE
Awakening A Novel by Peggy Sealfon What if you woke up at age 45 questioning if you’ve lived your life all wrong? Rendered unconscious from a motorcycle accident in Southwest Florida, Robin Stevens awakens to realize she’s repressed her past and is living life recklessly and unhappily. Her journey becomes a profound search for answers, figuring out who she truly is and, along the way, uncovering secrets of life, friendship and love. Available in paperback and ebook. Has received three national book awards for best psychological fiction and best spiritual fiction. READ MORE (and see video)
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