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M² Camp Educators Cohort is designed to enhance the impact of Jewish experience at camps by equipping senior camp professionals with innovative methods and cutting edge educational approaches.


M² Camp Educators Cohort is a collaborative learning environment, convening partners from a broad range of camps.

To make change happen, M² believes that both the camp director leading the camp's vision, and the senior camp educator responsible for educational programs, must work together.

As a community, they experiment with designing educational visions and approaches to create Jewish experiences that matter.

"Our core values impact the type of leaders we are, and in turn, how that influences the way in which our campers, staff, and stakeholders engage with our camp." Hannah Ross, URJ 6 Points Sports Academy


Values at the Center

M² Camp Educators Cohort demonstrates how Jewish values can permeate all aspects of camp - including leadership, UX, program design and communication.

From Experience to Identity

M² Camp Educators Cohort equips participants with methods and tools to craft camp experiences that inspire and ignite the exploration of Jewish identity.


A Space for Experimentation

M² Camp Educators Cohort creates a lab environment where participants can experiment with application and implementation, along with methods to actualize their vision.

Personalized Implementation Plans

M² Camp Educators Cohort provides participants with personalized educator support plans, helping them navigate and implement change processes.


M² Camp Educators Cohort is interdisciplinary in its approach.

It explores how neuroscience, communications, anthropology, social work, and design can enrich and expand the camp experience.

"The M² Camp Educators Cohort is nothing short of tremendous. The work is engaging, the content is thoughtful, and the exchange of ideas is fast and furious." Marty Rochlin, Camp Airy




January 12-15, 2020

San Diego, CA

This seminar is about values exploration, focusing on what makes a value a Jewish one. Over the course of the program we navigate the differences between 'thin' and 'thick' values, and explore how through the cultivation of a camp culture and the design of specific programs these values can become a lived camp experience.


March 30-April 2, 2020

Greensboro, NC

This seminar highlights the choreographic principles that illuminate and bring experiences to life. Participants gain skills in methodologies related to sensory education, spatial design, and the typology of activities.


September 13-16, 2020

New York, NY

Camp is one of the most powerful examples of the magic created through true immersion. In this final seminar, we explore how sequencing, rhythm, and flow contribute to the processes of transformation, while gaining perspectives on the process of meaning making.

"Thickening a value has really changed how I see our camp values and it makes me want to explore them with my staff." - Molly Levy, URJ Camp Coleman


Eligibility requires participation of both the full-time camp director (or senior professional responsible for vision and design of camp) as well as the full-time person responsible for educational implementation at camp.

Eligibility is limited to overnight camps only.

Participating camps must be in North America.

If your camp only has a seasonal educator, or only has either a director or Jewish educator who can participate in CEC, please contact Michelle Lackie at michelle@ieje.org

Additional Requirements

CEC is targeted at camps who are committed to both the director/senior professional and Jewish educator fully participating. Candidates must be open to learning from a diverse faculty and excited to learn in an intense cohort environment.

Participation at all CEC seminars in their entirety is mandatory.


Thanks to the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation, tuition for the Camp Educators cohort is $1,800 + $180 registration fee per person. The total cost to a camp is $3,960 for both participants.

In addition to participation in the program itself, tuition covers travel within North America ($400 travel stipend per seminar), double occupancy hotel room and meals during seminars and additional seminar-related expenses.

Tuition does not cover transportation to/from airports or baggage fees.

To apply, get more information, or be connected with a Cohort 1 participant, please contact Michelle Lackie at Michelle@ieje.org.

Camps that participated in Cohort 1

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education develops and provides training and research to advance the field of experiential Jewish education and invest in the growth of its educators.

M² CEC is generously supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation.

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