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In partnership with the Association of Independent Jewish Camps (AIJC)

M² Camp Educators Seminar (CES) is designed to enhance the impact of Jewish experiences at camps by equipping senior camp professionals with innovative methods and cutting edge educational approaches.


February 9-12, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

Join us for a seminar about Jewish values explorations, focusing on what makes a value a Jewish one. Over the course of the program we navigate the differences between 'thin' and 'thick' values, and explore how through the cultivation of a camp culture and the design of specific programs these values can become a lived camp experience.

The program will begin with lunch at 12pm on Sunday, February 9th and will conclude at 4pm on Wednesday, February 12th.

"This program is nothing short of tremendous. The work is engaging, the content is thoughtful, and the exchange of ideas is fast and furious." Marty Rochlin, Director, Camp Airy


M² Camp Educators Seminar demonstrates how Jewish values can permeate all aspects of camp. Modeling an interdisciplinary approach, CES explores how neuroscience, social work, and design can enrich and expand Jewish education at camp.

At CES participants will become equipped with methods and tools to craft values-driven camp experiences that inspire and ignite the exploration of Jewish identity.


M² Camp Educators Seminar (CES) is a collaborative learning environment, convening partners from a broad range of camps -- all within one alliance.

To make change happen, M² believes that those who lead the camp's vision, and the educators responsible for building and executing programs, must work together.

As a community, CES will develop a shared language and approach towards experiential Jewish education, supporting each other in implementation and openly addressing educational challenges and opportunities.


This program is right for you if you are the director, assistant director, or Jewish educator at an AIJC camp. Participation is not limited to one person per camp. In fact, we believe that partnership is key to successful implementation at your camp.

Cost & Registration

Thanks to the generosity of the AVI CHAI Foundation, tuition at the Camp Educators Seminar is $600.

In addition to participation in the program itself, tuition covers travel within North America ($400 travel stipend), double occupancy accommodations and kosher meals and snacks during the seminar.

Tuition does not cover transportation to/from airports or baggage fees.


To apply, please fill out this registration form by December 6th. We will be in touch with next steps.

AIJC camps that participated in M²'s inaugural Camp Educators Cohort:

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education

M²: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education develops and provides training and research to advance the field of experiential Jewish education and invest in the growth of its educators.

M² CES is generously supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation.