Donut Daze Pop Art Sculptural Book

Sketches 3/10/2017

6 Sketches

I intended to model my sketches after Romero Britto and Andy Warhol. I aimed to make abstract, fun designs. My favorite sketch is my donuts sketch. I love donuts and I think the repetition with different colored icing and sprinkles would be scrumptious! With that, I decided to model my designs after Andy Warhol.


I have decided on the theme behind my pop art sculptural book; doughnuts. My next question is where to go from here? Also, what mediums will be used to color with?


I was not here last class (3/20/2017). I am not sure where we are supposed to be at in our progress. Today I aim to get catch up and move on from my sketches.


Cover page progress

Last class I was able to start on my cover pages. Today I need to add the sprinkles and move on to the next step. I plan to finish my cover pages and add them to the cardboard.


Today I completed my cover pages. I had to do an extra step because I did not leave tabs long enough to cover the cardboard the first time. To fix this problem I first covered the cardboard in white paper. I then put my doughnut design on top of that and with an Exacto knife I cut out the middle piece.

Completed cover pages


Last class I turned in my completed cover pages and started designing my pages. One page is inspired by Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup can piece and the other resembles Diamond Dust; the overlapping stilettos. By the end of class my goal is to have both designs sketched and to start coloring.


Last class I began working on my pages. I finished drawing one of the pages and began coloring. The size of the doughnuts takes a long time to color; my goal is to finish coloring the page today and work on drawing the design for the other page.


This class period I continued working on my pages. I am close to finishing my first page, the one inspired by Diamond Dust. I think I am going to paint the background of it as well to make it pop!


Last class I continued to work on my pages. I finished the side inspired by Diamond Dust. Today my goal is to draw out the circles for the second page. This side is inspired by Andy Warhol's, Campbell's Soup Cans. It will be difficult to get all of the donuts the same size because the boxes are not all the same size. In addition to this centering the donuts will be tricky.


I am almost done with the second page. My goal for class today is to finish this page and move onto the next step; folding the pages. I also decided to add blue beads to my cover pages. I have hot glued blue beads on the blue sprinkles. By adding the beads it creates texture and emphasis.


Last class I was able to finish coloring the second half. Today I folded my paper in half and cut it. I then glued the ends of the two halves together to make one long strip. I had to wait for the glue to dry so I didn't break the seam when I began folding.

Side 1
Side 2


Today I folded my paper into multiple pages. Once I had my pages folded I had to cut them into a circle so they would fit my covers. Unfortunately, by cutting the pages into circles, it also shortened the seams available to cut on. I began adding cut outs, pop out, weaving, and pockets.


Today I finished adding the cut outs, pop outs, weaving's and pockets. I also attached my covers to the ends of my pages. I was happy with my final product. If to do a similar project in the future, I would make larger covers so my pages could be bigger. This was my pages would have larger seams to include more cut outs and pop outs.


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