by Erika moore 1B

Colleen Atwood

Collen Atwood is a the costume designer for into the woods. She also did movies like Edward scissor hands, snow white and the huntsman, Alice and wonderland and so much more.

Some of her sketches

She won a primetime emmy award, won three BAFTA awards, won two academy of science fiction, fantasy & horror films, USA. also she won a broadcast film critics association awards and awards circuit community awards. won two gold derby awards, a Hollywood film awards, and two las vegas film critics society awards. Two online film & television association. Won four phoenix film critics society awards, two satellite awards, and eight costume designer guild awards.Last won three academy awards .

She took pictures and sketches for clothes back then and placed the costumes as they would have wear in the back then. when working with some of the actors she didn't want her clothes to scream that im from the time period. The time period should blend away in a period film and you see the people inside it, making it look as a whole. she added clothes from the middle age, the renaissances, 18 century and early 19 century. She made sure whatever time period went with the story of the character.

Image from the Codex Vindobonensis, 1370-1400.

When designing Rapunzel she when for a medieval influence. She mad her dress floor length with layers of pink fabric overlayed with a pale green chiffon. the dress is unstructured with fitted bodice extending into a full skirt all the elements of a dress for the 14th century with an almost off the shoulder neckline . This captures Rapunzel's story making her the classic medieval tale of a damsel in distress

Tight Lacing, or, Fashion Before Ease by John Collet

She make Cinderella's servant outfit is a comprised of a white shirt with three quarter length sleeves and ruffles along the cuffs. These is a hallmark of 18th century dress. With brown eighteenth-century corsets or stays, and a skirt made of roughly woven material. Making her ball gown she make a golden adaption of her servant outfit. With was a gold pair of stays, off the shoulder sleeves, a skirt make of layers of shimmering gold fabric and gold heels to capture the saying " the slippers as pure as gold "

Detail from Testament and Death of Moses by Luca Signorelli

She influenced these two princes from the renaissance. She dressed them as the typical handsome prince. Wearing tight fitting trousers, a fitted doublet left open to reveal a thin shirt underneath. Even thought in this period the doublets were close this was one thing she choose to keep different.

When thinking of the bakers' costume she listened to their music. Then Atwood decided that it had a “Victorian feel” and so used the 19th century as inspiration for their costumes.

Fashion plate from L’Élégant: Journal Des Tailleurs

She maked the baker's brown jacket with a punched leather details and small sleeve cups similar to the doublets worn by the princes. But unlike the princes, baker's collar was wide and pointed bring this costume more to the 19th century. Underneath his jacket he wore a short waist coat and a plain shirt. Including the yellow scarf tied like a cravat. Finally wearing loose striped brown trousers. Overall his costume was dull, worn and slightly schlumpy making this a great fit for the character. While making the costume look great in detail, it is fantastical than the other male characters.

The baker's wife has a few different outfits in the costumes. But they all are similar in color and silhouette. She worn a similar white shirt like Cinderella wore and a dull colored skirt. With a gray apron worn on top. But the costume she wears though most of the film is a patchwork bodice and skirt. The bodice is made of strips of red and blue fabrics creating vertical stripes of various widths. The skirt is similar colors but different colors and patterns giving the baker's wife a frenetic and eccentric yet strong look.

Fashion plate from L’Art et la Mode, 1893

The witch was inspired by the Victorian gothic. In act 1 she wears a ugly old crone is a gnarled and knotted black mass of fabric. This changed in act 2 when she changed to her younger self. This costume Is winding black teal ribbon. Atwood said "It’s ribbons sewn onto organdy along with the leather cording that was incorporated in the earlier costume." They both capture 1890s with big puffy leg o mutton sleeves, a fitted bodice and S shaped silhouette.The gnarled fabric of her first costume, created from layers of cracked leather, resembles tree bark. While the twisting ribbons of her second costume look like winding vines in her garden or the dark silhouette of twisting tree branches in the woods. The twisting ribbons of her costumes also reflect her twisted morality.

Photographs of men in zoot suits, 1940s.

Atwood dressed the wolf in a zoot suit from 1940s, with a subtle grey embroidery in the pattern of animal fur. This added depth and texture to the suit as well as animal qualities since he is a combination of a human and animal characteristics. She gave him a matching wide brimmed fedora with hole to have his ears stick out. She also gave him simple details to make the wolf in to a sinister predator.

When making lil red riding hood she when for the picture of innocence. She framed her face with two little braids and dressed her up like a sweet little girl. Using a light blue dress with puffy sleeves. A full skirt with dainty smoking across the bodice. To tie it together the classic red cap tied around her neck.

In my opinion this movie didn't influence fashion on the streets or ready to go fashion, because this movie was made in 2014 when most fashion that has was going in the in this movie is already growing. The pattern that were used in making this movie are things you wouldn't see now.

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