Mana-Tangata Kauri Flats

This is when the four Kauri Flats student and Mr. Pattison went to Vend on Saturday 1 april 2017 to join the Mana-Tangata programme. We started in the booth introducing ourselves and learnt how our mentors were a great match to us. We all introduced ourselves and so did the mentors we had a laugh during our conversations while we shared what we liked and what the mentors did for a job.

We are planning to hold two technology events and one is for 30 and under and the other one is for 30 and over. We are doing this so the people in the community can learn more about technology and know how to use different types of technology. so what we are going to do in the event is different types of rotations which include using the sprout,using the virtual reality, using Tinkercad, using the telescope and playing the Xbox1. This event is going to be held by Lukas Tai,Micky Grover,Noor Kaur and Olivia Blake. The main person that is giving us the opportunities to hold this event is Mr Pattison.


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