Nervous system By; Andrew

Nervous system parts

Cerebrum– It is in the top of your brain it is split into 2 different parts the left cerebrum and the right cerebrum the cerebrum helps you think and move you muscles. Same move on

Cerebellum- The cerebellum is located near the back of the brain the cerebellum helps you balance the skull protects the cerebellum. On the move

Brain stem- The brain stem is located near your spine it is in charge of all your body needs to stay alive your spine protects it

Spinal cord- Your spinal cord is located in your back your spinal cord is like a hallway of nerves. I got this information in a book that is called Nervous system

Nerves- they are locked all over your body there are two nerves motor and sensory your sensory send singles and motors carry information they are protected by your skin I got this information on safar.


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