Hindu Religion By: Connor Borbeck, and Jack Hammes

To Hindu, everything last forever. The people of the Hindu, have beliefs that are called Brahman . Their religion gives them supreme power, divine power, which is greater than any other belief. To Hinduism, time is a circle, once something goes by, it will come back. Everything is apart of Braham. Everything has a connection from people, to a drop of water in the ocean, it is all connected to Brahman. Overall, Hinduism refers back to Brahman, as it is a huge part in their lives. Brahman is the most important belief in the Hindu religion, but it is not the only one, there also Deities, Karma and Samsara.

Another belief in the Hindu religion is Karma. Karma tells a person's soul if it was good or bad. Once a person dies, Karma decides if the person was good or bad. If the person was good, people would think that the person would be reborn into an higher class. But if the persons soul was bad, then they would be reborn into a lower class. In conclusion, Karma, in the Hindu religion, would decide if they would be reborn in a higher of lower class than they were already living in.

Dharma is another Hinduism belief. This belief gave the Ancient Indian civilition laws, obligations and duties. Dharma is how people live, and what they can and can't do. Dharma gives people jobs to work around their towns. Depending on their social class, their duties were different. Also obligations had a part in Dharma, as it told people what to do and what not to do. For example, Hinduism people would not kill cows, because these animals would give to them. Overall Dharma was a Hinduism belief that told people their laws, obligation, and their duty.

The Hinduism belief had a part in their religious called Deities. This belief gave power, and equality to people. It has become to believe that Deities are different from Brahman, but there was a part of Brahman in the belief. Brahman creates it, while Vishne, which is apart of Deities, preserves it, and finally Shiva destroys it. All three of these aspects of Deities, strengthens this belief in the Hinduisim religion.

The final belief in the Hindu religion was Samsara. Samsara is a cycle that goes from birth, death, and rebirth, which is called the cycle of Samsara. Samsara ends when the soul escapes from the cycle of rebirth. It takes many lifetimes for a person to be released from Samsara. By following the basic beliefs of Hinduism. They balance karma with good actions. They follow their dharma be behaving correctly and performing their social duties. All in all Samsara in a cycle of birth death and rebirth.

Overall, the Hindu religion has many aspects that built them to who they were. The first aspect of the Hindu religion is Brahman, which was the most important belief in this religion. Brahman lead into the Deities which gave the civilization laws, obligations, and duties. Another belief in the Hinduisim religion is Dharma which gave them a civilization with laws. Another one is Samsara, which was the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. All in all, there were different aspects in the Hindu religion.

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