Respondus Monitor / Lockdown Browser How To

Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser Provide a proctored Environment


Custom browser prevents cheating during online tests.

LockDown Browser is for "proctored" environments.

Respondus Monitor is for unproctored environments.

Lockdown Browser

With LockDown Browser, students cannot:


Capture screen content,

Go to other websites (unless whitelisted),

Access other applications

Build Your Quiz in Canvas as Normal

Change your Canvas navigation to include LockDown Browser. Only shows on instructor navigation.

Select the LockDown Browser on the left.

Select Continue to LockDown Browser

Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.

Adjust Advanced Settings to facilitate the needs of your class, i.e. allow iPad, enable calculator

Respondus Monitor

Requires WebCam for students

Monitors students, provides evidence for suspected cheating.

Use the same LockDown Browser to require Respondus Monitor.

You choose what you want students to do before they start exam.

Student Perspective from before an exam.

After the quiz, if you suspect cheating, go back to LockDown Browser Tab in Canvas to see results.

Select the student, Respondus' Artificial Intelligence will flag students with high level of incidences.

Select any thumbnail to begin playing from that clip.


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