My Utopia By:Elizza Quinnie


The type of language that my county is using is english. I chose english because it is easy for you to read and also say. And if you are far away you can send letters across the town.

Food Supply

In my Utopia for the food i will have Fruit, Meat, and Vegetables. The way we will produce this food is for the vegetables we will plant crops that will last use threw winter. For the meat we will get fresh meat from the farmers and other trading areas . And the protein will also be given by the farmer's like milk and fruits and etc.


My civilization religion is going to be christianly. In christianly the type of holidays that we celebrate are Easter, Christmas,and Good Friday and we also go to church every Sunday.


My civilization make money by working for the government, being farmers, ,supply workers, and government officials for my country. The way money is distributed is by everybody in the town get a certain amount of money people that does not have a well paid jobs or if they do not have a job they get welfare. People that work or have jobs get more then the others. The types of jobs my town has is farming, store worker, gardener, guard, and a town worker ( who fix anything around the town).


parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm, My power structure is set up in a pyramid by who is the most powerful I would be on top because I am the president then the government officials. It's kept in order my the laws I made.


For my Utopia my civilization made Our own technology for example phones, tablets, computers, and etc. We are still improving on our technology. For the transportation it will be buses, trucks, cars, bikes, trains, and also four wheelers and go cars for the kids to drive.


For the culture we have all different type's of fashion design's, for sport's my civilization play football and basketball. For food we eat fruit, meat , vegetables, and etc. For music we are going to have r&b, Hip-Hop, gospel, pop, and classical. Education we have Elementary schools, Middle Schools, and High schools and for older people we have colleges. They will learn about economics, Math, science, reading, and history. They will learn about this because thats the main thing that they need to know about life.


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