The Great Depression By: Abby MacDonald

The Dust bowl impacted people because it destroyed their farms and all of their crops were gone. The Dust Bowl took the soil out of the ground and carried it because it was so dry. People couldn’t stay at their house because the sand would get in the house making people have to leave. Farms were lost so farmers lost their jobs meaning they weren't making money and there was not a lot of food anymore because crops were destroyed.

In this picture there are people handing out bread to the people in need who don’t have money or jobs to buy important supplies. “At the height of the Great Depression, half of all American families were living below subsistence levels”. This means that a lot of people became poor during the great depression.

In this video you can see people angry because the stock market crashed and that has people’s moneys in there but now they don’t have any money. They became poor, homeless, and lost their jobs.

Created By
Abigail MacDonald


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