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  2. Parent/Student Commitment Form
  3. Ethics Form
  4. Community Service Contact Form and Log
  5. Community Service Visual Documentation
  6. Mentor Thank You Letter
  7. Abstract
  8. Annotated Bibilography
  9. Research Paper
  10. Senior Project Self-Reflection
  11. Community Service Reflection

Community Service Visual Documentation

Thank You

Dear Mrs. Jackson

The reason why I chose to do my senior project on Pediatric Nursing is because I always wanted to work with kids. Also I always wanted to make the world a better place. And I felt like I could do that by being a nurse and since I wanted to work with kids I thought why not work in the Pediatric Field. And by letting me volunteer at the church I was able to work with a different age range group. And that is why I would like to take the time to thank you for allowing me to volunteer at the church. I had a lot of fun working with the kids in Sunday School. Even though I found it a lot easier to work with the babies. Because unlike the older children they don't have such a strong personality. And they are also easier to please.


My essay for my senior project is mainly about why Pediatric Nurses are important. They have responsibilities such as giving medical and emotional care to children. They also have to have a variety of skills. These skills can range from communication and speaking skills to being patient and loving. On top of all of that they do other jobs like working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). As well as specializing in areas like cardiology, trauma, and neonatology they have to perform tasks related to these specialties. They also work in the surgical centers helping sterilizing instruments used before surgery.

Annotated Bibilography

Thomas, Caroline Porter. “How to Become a Pediatric Nurse |”, 2016, This article is mainly about what a Pediatric Nurse does like what are their daily responsibilities, work environment, areas they work, and ideal people. Also it’s about the career outlook, the demand of the job, and the job growth.

All Star Directories, Inc. “How to Become a Pediatric Nurse.” Pediatric Nurse, This article is about the basics like what you will do as a pediatric nurse, the degrees and certificates you will need, and the annual salary you will earn.

PNCB. “Your Future in Pediatric Nursing.” Pediatric Nursing Careers, 2016, This article is about the role a pediatric nurse plays and the care they provide.

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American Dental Education Association . “” Pediatric Nurse,, 2012, This article is about the communication skills a pediatric nurse will need and their working condition.

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Research Paper

Pediatric nurses are the second best in the pediatric field when it comes to a Pediatric Surgeon. They are basically their right hand man; they assist the doctor with every surgery. To be able to qualify for a Pediatric nurse you have to be honest, patient, kind-hearted, understandable, and dependable. A parent puts their child life in a pediatric nurse’s hand. If they are not dependable one little slip up can cause a dramatic change in everybody lives. Nurses in this field are important because they care for other people’s children, perform treatments with children unable to clearly state their problem, and frequently do others jobs too.

As a pediatric nurse their responsibility is to give medical and emotional care to others children. They give medication that range from ibuprofen to morphine and even higher medication to infants, children, and adolescents. “Pediatric Advanced Practice nurses serve as pediatric healthcare providers in primary or acute settings for well and ill children from birth to 21 years of age.” (SPN Board of Directors, 2006) They perform exams, do tests, and samples on their patients. “They do physical exams, vital signs, and blood and urine samples, and other diagnostic tests.” (American Dental Education Association, 2012) They give emotional support to patients after surgeries. “Their specialized training allows them to provide young patients and their families with emotional support.” (, 2016) So basically when it comes to a pediatric nurse a patient and their parents depend on them to be as close to them as their family member would. Even though they give emotional and medical care they have a hard time when communicating with their patients infants.

Pediatric nurses has to have a varied of skills. Since they perform treatments with children unable to clearly state their problem and they too need special skills. Majority of Nurses have difficulties with communication skills. According to Pediatric Nursing Certification Board Pediatric nurses “need to be skilled at communication with both their patients and caregivers.” (Professional Pediatric Home Care, 2016) They take information from young children and they need to correctly communicate it to their parents. “Nurses must gather verbal information from even young children, and clearly instruct parents on the care of their youngster’s,” (Leaf Group, Lta, 2016). They need to have patience, compassion, and speaking skills. “In addition to education and training required to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, a number of special skills and qualities are vital for being successful in the field.” (Education Career Articles, 2016). They have a lot to do not just with giving treatment to children they also do others jobs.

Plus they have to have a flexible schedule when working in this field. Because they frequently do others occupations that are in different areas. Pediatric nurses often work alongside others. “They often work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with pediatricians and other health care providers.” (All Star Directors, Inc., 2016) Pediatric nurses work in different areas like cardio. “Pediatric nurses may also specialize in areas such as cardiology, endocrinology, neonatology, oncology, pulmonary, or trauma and perform tasks specific to those specialties.” (, 2016) The pediatric nurses that work in surgical centers help with sterilizing the surgical instruments used for surgery. "Nurses in Surgical Admitting help prepare children for surgery.” (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2015) Being a pediatric nurse is hard at times but if you love your career then you ill love what you do.

As a part of a pediatric nurse’s job they have a responsibility to give medical and emotional care to children that are unable to communicate clearly this is way they need to have special skills while doing others jobs. They work in different areas with different age ranges and to be able to do this they need to be patient. A pediatric nurse can make an impact on the world because they help parents take care of their ill children and they save lives on a daily basis.


In my senior project presentation the things that I could of done better was make eye contact. Also I could of faced my audience at least twice throughout my presentation. Since I have a problem with attention i found that hard to do. Also with the timing I should of made sure I at least in the six minutes range. I could of incorporated more pictures that was about my topic in my presentation. However I did do some things that i'm proud of like I spoke loud and clear for my audience to hear me and for me that is a huge accomplishment. I also had some good content on my slides.

Community Service Reflection

During my community service I had fun helping teach the Sunday School. I was mainly looking over the little kids in the class. But sometimes I got to interact with the teenagers too. Which was a little hard for me because of their attitudes. But hey i'm a teenager too so I knew how to deal with the different attitudes. But my favorite put of the whole community service experience was watching the babies during the church service it was so easy to watch the arm babies. However the toddlers were a bit more hard. Because they liked to run around and they made a mess with the blocks and toys but when it was time to go I didn't have a problem getting to clean up. All in all I felt like my community service experience was a lot of fun.

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