Women's Rise to Power

In Modern day society, women have a huge impact through out everything.Every woman has her own duty or job, they are the foundation of todays typical norm. They are fighting for there equality in the military, building families in single parent homes, making strides in the economic side of things and even playing huge roll in sports.

Looking back at when women had first started in the military during the Revolutionary War, they played the role of seamstress or nurses. Since then they have changed they stereo types for themselves. In 1994 a ban prevented women from being in combat. On January 24th, 2013 the United States Military finally lifted the ban allowing women to be in combat, When at the time women made up roughly 14% of the US military 1.4 million active members.

Coming from my own personal background, I come from a single parent household with my mother being both parents. Its sad to say that being a single mother is the new norm. In 2016, out of the 80million single parent house holds, 80% were single mothers, in a sense women are the real superhero.

For the longest time women have worked in a male-dominated working enviroment but are fighting back to create equity. In study done in 2012, 56% of individuals working in a professional job are women.

In 2015 year history was made, Jen Welter was hired as the first women assitant coach in the history of the NFL. She broke the barrier that men were not the only ones who could coach.

In conclusion of everything, women of risen to power. Our society is coroding away at the once male-dominant.. everything. Everyday women are proving that they can do as much if not more then men.












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Austin Reynolds


Created with images by DFID - UK Department for International Development - "US First Lady, Michelle Obama, speaking at Mulberry School for Girls, London"

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