The tour of the harn

Technique used by artists

The picture I have above depicts a simple yet elegant painting strictly made from mostly vertical and horizontal lines. A lot of the times people uses the complexity of an artwork to measure its greatness, however this is not particularly true. The painting above is made up of simple patterns of lines most notably vertical and horizontal lines, yet it still manages to catch people's eyes. The simplicity of a painting shouldn't be looked down upon instead it could be argued that the simplicity of the painting makes the painting great. The simplicity of the patterns made it so that the artist had to think in a more creative manner to create something more complex. I think that is the beauty behind this painting and that people should acknowledge both the beauty and the thought behind an artist's work

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that really caught my eyes during my visit was the picture depicted above. What caught my attention of this particular exhibit was the beauty of the spacing and arrangement of the art. The paintings are spaced with an adequate amount of space between each other displaying the importance of each individual painting. It can also be seen from the picture above that the arrangement of the paintings were arranged by the style of the artwork. This is important because it places similar paintings along with each other along with putting paintings in similar categories. Overall the spacing and arrangement of the paintings gave me a better understanding of the paintings and allowed me to differentiate between the different styles of art used in the paintings.

Art and Core values

One of the core values I firmly believe in is the value of my family. I believe that no matter what happens my family will always have my back, vice versa.. The picture above displays a baby getting his diapers changed along with a closer look at what seems like an architecture model the mother is working on. The message of the painting is very clear depicting that family (the baby) will always come before everything else, in this case being work/career. I really took a liking to the photo because I can relate to it on a emotional and personal level. Most importantly the painting gave me comfort knowing that a mother's love is priceless and nothing in the world can change that.

Art and the Good Life

This painting caught my eyes with its bright eye popping colors and it's depiction of a city during the night crowded with people. The city theme of the painting resonated with me through the fact that I have always been fond of living in a big city densely packed with people. The city is a place where people of different backgrounds, religions, and culture gather together. The diversity of a city allows people to learn of other cultures and most importantly allows people to be more accepting of others. The city unifies people of different backgrounds together, thus allowing people to share more experiences with each other. Sharing and spreading positive experiences/vibe is essential to a good life. It allows people to put down their differences, after-all we are all humans at the end of the day.

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