Digital Portfolio Kaylee Chaidez

In middle school I took a few art classes but we didn't really learn anything she would assign us projects to do and we would draw it to the best of our abilities we would turn it in would be the end of it and start something new. This is my first year of hight school art. My goal would be to become a dental hygienist. Some of my thoughts on art class are that I really love art, abstract is my favorite, you can go beyond of what the artist has drawn and see much more and get a different meaning of it and yeah I just really like it. I learned a lot of things I would have never learned with my old art teacher.

This was the first assignment we did at the beginning of the school year. We focused on shapes, lines, color, blending,vanishing point, form.

On the right side of the picture you can see the dark value of the picture and on the left you cane see that the girl is has a darker value than the one on the right

When drawing our before and after hand our focus was on the space around the hand and to carefully look at the lines and texture in our hand.

When we were doing our side profile we were trying to have a good light and heavy pressure to add a more real-life look to the person we were drawing.

Our stippling piece was focus on light and heavy pressure of the sharpie and when blending them together to get an ombré effect.

The cross hatching of trying to mix the value was hard without making it look weird

Trying to get the shape of the dogs nose was really hard but I was ble to get it in the end even though I didn't finish it

This is my before and after portrait once I turned it in i tried doing value and adding shape o my face but I didn't finish

Trying to get the horizon line was hard to get it straight but I was able to get and this is what I ended up with

So conclude to this project, some challenges i found was actually trying to do work and try to draw it without thinking that I was going to fail but I tried and some things I enjoyed were having an open class and able to socialize and do our work.

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