Birmingham Riots


Cops using attack dogs on a peaceful protester

During the civil rights movement in 1963 a groups of protesters started to leave a gegf in Birmingham Alabama. The protesters that first left where immediately picked up by the police and sent to jail but they knew this was going to happen. The protesters strategy was that they would fill up the jails so there would be nowhere to put the protesters and then can start to properly protest. Once they could start roaming the streets the police and white citizens started retaliating and attacking the protesters. This event caused many people to get hurt but it helped gain the attention of the president. Before this the president didn't really think segregation was that big of a problem and could be dealt with later but in reality it was one of his biggest problem in the US at the moment


The protesters started to march because they were trying to bring discrimination against the blacks into the public eye. Even though segregation was illegal at this point the south didn't warm up to this idea so well, and since there was no one to enforce this law the south was still discriminating against the blacks


The protesters where people of all ages and races lead my Martin Luther King Jr. that wanted to see change. meanwhile the opposing side was made up of just white people who wanted the old times back, when slavery was still a thing and no one thought otherwise

Protesters getting sprayed with a high power water hose


One of the biggest obstacles the protesters had to face was authorities. this obstacle was so big to them because anytime the protesters tried to do something they would get shot down and arrested. During the Birmingham riots the protesters faced this problem head on and intentionally sent as many people to jail so they would fill up and as a result they could finally protest.


segregation in Birmingham started to slowly decline after this event. This event not only brought the south's illegal treatment of blacks into the public's eye but also increased the reputation of MLK, which in return helped accelerate the removal of segregation in the south. The first step towards this after the riots was when JFK addressed what the south was doing as a major issue for this country.

Current issue

One current event that could correlate to this topic is the berkley riots in California. There were riots on multiple occasion in the university of berkley, one of them what when conservatives tried to get someone to speak at the campus but the liberals didn't agree with that so the started to retaliate, on another occasion there was a pro trump event and the anti trump protesters showed up and started some trouble. The reason this can correlate with the Birmingham riots is because they both have one group trying to exercise the their rights, peacefully, then another groups ideals didn't exactly align with the first groups so they start to fight and people get hurt.

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