The Laki volcanic System Blake Grice-brunson

photo of the Laki fissure and the adjoining volcano
Photo of main fissure at Laki
Map of the 1783-4 Laki eruption fissures and flows image.
Map of Laki, lceland

THE EVENT: The eruption of the volcano Laki was massive and detrimental to the area. It took over 8 months to erupt. This eruption also cause earthquakes. The grass the livestock ate was damaged, the livestock got sick and died and people that grew crops in the land got sick from the land and from the livestock that ate from the land. The haze from the eruption was so massive, it was from Iceland to Syria. In Iceland the haze lead to the loss of most of the islands crop, it was an Acid Rain. Over 9,000 people were killed by the effects of the volcanic eruption. Nothing would grow back in the fields and there were no fish or livestock. This eruption was considered EXTREME!

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