Regarding Instruction Principles of Instructional Design, Inquiry, Big Ideas

Learning Goal: We will continue to explore inquiry-based learning

Learning Goal: We will consider curriculum Big Ideas and processes

Success Criteria: I'm looking for critical thinking, meaningful discussions and engagement with the activities, demonstrated through products, posts and conversations

What are some of the strengths and limitations of inquiry based learning in Science and Technology?

What might Big Idea mean (sometimes called Enduring Understanding)?

What are some Big Ideas from the curriculum that you might use this activity towards?

What might be success criteria that go with each Big Idea?

What are some guiding questions to help students meet your success criteria?

Check out The Scientific Inquiry/Experimentation Skill Continuum and The Technological Problem-Solving Skill Continuum (p 13 to 18)

Compare the charts. Decide on 3 key things you want ALL of your students to be able to do by the end of the year.



Rube Goldberg next week... try to include as many types of energy as you can and as many simple machines as you can... and name them!

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