Is it safe in your neighborhood? By: Ajene Hammonds Jr,

Things you didn't know about volcanoes.

  • Volcano's are cracks or openings in the Earth's crust, which allows lava, gas and ash to be erupted.
  • Volcano's are actively located in the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean and South Europe.Which is on or near tectonic plate boundaries.
  • Creation of magma is formed by rocks which is moved near the center core which breaks down the rock.Rocks have all types of elements in it including water, those things help magma be formed.
  • How does explosive eruptions work in volcanoes? Eruptions accrue when there is a massive amount of trapped gas within the volcano.
  • Three types of volcanoes.
  • Shield volcano - It is a very large volcano but don't have as much hieght as the others. They are common in Hawaii and mid Atlantic ridges.
  • Shield volcano - It is a very large volcano but don't have as much hieght as the others. They are common in Hawaii and mid Atlantic ridges.
  • Cinder cone - High volcano in which volcano don't often reach the bottom before drying very thick volcano.
  • Predicting a volcano could be very important when living near one. Ways you could predict a volcano is by Temperatue change, gases forming from volcano or earthquake consistaints.These all indicate that magma is moving within the volcano.

Plate Tectonics

  • Convection cell is when Magma is moving in a circle motion near the inner core.
  • If a opening appear then magma will flow through but eventually cool.
  • Divergent plate boundaries that separate from each other.
  • Convergent plate boundaries are plate boundaries that move towards each other forcing mountains and volcanoes to form.
  • Transform plate boundaries is when two plates grind together in two separate directions. These causes lots of earthquakes.
  • Plate Tectonics are plates in the ground that causes continental drift.
  • Continental drift is what allowed the earth separate from each other. The man who figured this out was Alfred Wegener. He predicted that the the lands was all once connected.
  • Evidence of this would be how ancient fossils that were once originated in one area but soon to be found somewhere else.
  • Other evidence would be glacial evidence marks and rocks was found in different continents close to the equator.
  • Magnetism of the earth is caused by magnetite which are crystals that are formed by magma that is connected to the earth's magnetic field.
  • Seafloor spreading is plates that are separating from one an other. Crystal stripes shows that seafloor spreading is not all the same. New crust at the ridge and old crust is moved to deep sea where it is subducted.

Three examples of Divergent, Convergent and Transform plate boundaries.


  • Three types of faults.
  • The Normal fault is a fault that creates space two sides being pulled apart.
  • Strike Slip fault is a fault that is grinding against each other.
  • Reverse fault also know as the thrust fault. Sliding one crust on top of another.
  • Defining a earthquake - A very powerful vibration that occurs when two plates collide together and snap or break.
  • How to predict a earthquake?
  • Laser beams could be used to help predict earthquakes.
  • Radon gas from cracks in the earth crust could also help predict earthquakes.


  • An insurance that we would consider to cover natural disasters is Homeowner's insurance.
  • We believe this will cover your valuables of the home and your properties.
  • Only few insurances cover natural disasters but when signing up with homeowner insurance we believe you should really read through the contract because not all homeowners cover natural disasters.

What now?

  • We believe that it is not necessary to leave right now but know that this natural disaster could come in the next few months. So we recommended you start to get prepared now.


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