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I am simply a man who is a product of his environment. I am entirely curious, just like the my pet cat that I grew up with. I am always searching for knowledge, just like my dad who never once faltered in his belief on the simple saying that knowledge is power! I am hands on like my mother who loved to stay busy with tasks from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep. I am creative like the main character of my favorite TV show that i watched almost religiously while growing up; Rugrats i.e. Tommy Pickle. I am me!

To Find Success

My interdisciplinary focus is to search for and to find success. It's not so much about the end goal however. I was to fully bathe myself in the journey to finding the success that i'm looking for. I was to explore and discover any hidden talents as well as to see how i can be of service to this great big universe. I would love to find how I can somehow give back by exploring my interdisplinary talents.

The Main point or theme to my portfolio would be to document my journey. I would love to see where my mind was at when i began this journey versus where it ended up at towards the end. This portfolio would give me a clear picture of my hopes, dreams, and goals. It would very likely be the best determinant of my success and/or failures.

Navigating my portfolio will be a cakewalk. I will base it entirely chronologically. Whether i use different programs or media sources, i will link it all up together to tell a story. This does not need to be a very complicated process and should focus more on what's important.


Courses that I have completed (chart)

Php 3783: Currently I’m learning about a lot about Modernity in this class. Regarding past philosophers who had life changing ideas on the era known as modernity and how it affects our current thought process moving forward into the present and the future.

Fin 3404: This class is something I took for granted at the time that I took it. It had long term effects on me however because I placed some of the learned processes into my real life businesses and have become slightly more successful because of it.

Acg 2071: To be completely honest I had by far the hardest time during this course. Something about organization and being thorough with my numbers that never truly caught on. The humorous thing is that this can be reflected in my real life businesses because I consistently delay accounting practices in my work place until the very last minute and would much rather have an accountant do it. I learned to balance my expenses and earnings and I also learned very valuable lessons on how the world works in terms of public companies and their reports in terms of investments in the Stock Market.

Eco 3401: To be frank I did not learn much in this class because most of it did seem like busy work. Though there was a lot of relevance to real life ideals. I did learn how to watch the world market economy and I learned which resources to use to find out about every piece of the economy. Most of which consisted of government sites.

Mar 3023: This course had the most profound effect on me. My entire business runs solely off marketing. What I learned in this class complimented my business strategies and taught me about some holes that I had in my current businesses. I learned a plethora of information regarding social media marketing and how large corporations do it. I learned a significant amount on marketing through global green initiatives and how hundreds of companies are staying alive because of the consumer demand for it!

Man 3025: This class taught me mostly the technical terms of all the due processes that I already know when it comes to Management in the work place. I now get to practice the same ideals as before, however now I can refer to them with more complex terms.

My classes are meant to come together to make me a well marketed internet marketer. My goal in life is to succeed in business. Currently I am a Social Media Marketer and my biggest strength is understanding people. I sincerely believe that Humanities, Commerce, and Mass Communications will come together really well for me and help me better understand the people that I am marketing to as well as learning how to properly run my business. In the IDS course that I am taking this semester, my professor properly explained to me how I can find strengths in all of these areas of study as well as my minor and come out ahead of the game. I plan to do exactly that.

The most priceless information that I have learned so far through my career here at UCF have been in my Commerce courses, because they are the most relevant to my professional life. However, the course work in Mass Communications will also be very relevant to me. It will help me understand people, which is a side of business that many business majors are not knowledgeable about. The motivating forces behind my scheduling is to properly integrate my classes and my professional life so that I can be successful in both aspects. This is the reason why I am a part time student. All of my chosen coursework will absolutely teach me something that I will be able to use in the future in my journey to become an E-Commerce giant. Though I already consider myself successful for successfully building 3 million dollar companies via E-Commerce before the age of 25, I still have a lot to learn and plan to find all of this information in my journey to achieve my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Sciences with a Minor in Mass Communications.

My Resume


Find the image to be used (in this case, this picture)
Create Photoshop Mockups
Create Print Files on Adobe Illustrator
Get product up and ready for sale on the website!

One of my businesses is a Canvas Printing business. I focus on providing customers with visual art and niche products that will compliment their home/office. The process is a diligent one that requires creativity and functionality in terms of creating a vision into a finalized tangible product. I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and ultimately some coding to get the products up and available on the site for final sale. Thereafter, there’s an entire process to printing, framing, and packaging the product for shipment. Here are some screen shots of the process which require a mix of creativity and knowledge from Humanities (knowing what people like and understanding people) to Commerce (capitalizing on the product financially) to Mass Communications (in terms of getting the word out).

All of this comes together to show you a little glimpse of who I am. I hope i was able to inspire!

and thus, my journey continues!
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Ahmed Al-Sayeed

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