Sharon Olds By Esteban escobedo

Sharon Olds was born on November 19, 1942, in San Francisco California. She grew up in Berkeley California. She didn't have the best childhood growing up. When Olds was a growing up her father was an alcoholic, He was often abusive to not just her but to all his kids. Olds was once tied to a chair by her father, that's how serious it got. Olds's father was not such a nice guy. Olds didn't really have much guidance from her parents, her dad was an alcoholic who abused his kids, and her mom just completely just disregarded her. Olds had to make her judgments on what was better for her and what was not and sometimes being a teenager growing up didn't always mean making the right decision. After all of her struggles growing up and having a troubled childhood, Olds went to college. Olds attended Stanford University, She even earned her PhD at Columbia in 1972. Olds is grown adult that has shaped up pretty well after growing through all of the things she went through and not having guidance from either of her parents. After 37 years Olds's mom, starts to ask her for her forgiveness and, her mom is weeping and pleading for her forgiveness. Olds has a unique place in Contemporary in American poetry, her narrative and dramatic skills is what makes her work great. She gets inspired to write from her childhood she has a few poems about her childhood, but that's not all she writes about she writes about other things that have happened in her life. Olds is a great person she has overcome a lot, everything that happened during her childhood, and her doing mostly everything by herself is really inspiring. She went to a really good school, and became very successful. Most people that would go through what she went through would have turned out into something else that isn't as successful, but she stayed and fought through it all and surprised a lot of people while doing it too.

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