Good Life Nature Activity By: Nicholas zarins

NATURE ON DISPLAY: Natural history museums are designed to immerse you in nature, to pique your curiosity about the natural world, and to display information about animals, plants, insects, and the history of the Earth in ways that are enjoyable so you will remember what you learned during your visit. I found the costal exhibit very appealing, because it did and incredible job of fusing art with nature. The background does a great job of illustrating how vast the ocean is, and how the ecosystems work together. This pelicans in the top left feed of the fish that live in the Ocean and then they return to and to rest.
NATURE AND ETHICS: Leopold believes that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value. He calls on us to “love, respect, and admire” the land, and he asks us to start viewing ourselves as members of the “biotic community” rather than as “conquerors of the land.” I found the butterfly garden fun and engaging, because we when about to be in an outdoor environment and see the butterflies feed, and rest. However, is it okay to keep living creatures caged up and restrained. I understand that it is used for educational purposes, but I also believe that living creature should be able to live theirs lives in their natural habitat.
NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: Heschel believes that we need to take time in our daily lives to connect to the eternal so we can recognize the mystery and majesty of the Universe. While walking around the museum I found this fossil exhibit. Some of the animals on display are now extinct, and it is in part due to humans. We as a society need to be more conscientious of how we interact with nature or we may loose many more incredible creatures. This museum exhibit helped me to realize the the world is so much bigger than just the human species and that we need to think more about how our actions will effect the lives of other creatures.

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