What is in the Constitution?

Article I of the Constituution is focused on the Legislative Branch, and their job is to make laws
There are two houses of Congress and those houses are the Senate and the House of Representatives.

In the House of Representatives the Representatives can serve a term for at least two years. They don't have to be a natural born citizen of the United States but they also had to be a citizen of the United States for seven years. Representatives have to be twenty five to be in this house.

To be in the house of Senate the Senators have to be at least thirty. Senators have to be born in the United States there are no exceptions. Senators can serve a term for six years and not all Senators are chosen at the same time.
During the impeachment trial the Chief of Justice shall preside. The Chief of Justice also resides over the Judicial Branch.
Article II

Amendment One: everyone has a right to freedom of speech. Also everybody had a right to choos their own religion.

Ameendment Two: We are a free country and that can't be taken away. Everyone of age has a right to own a firearm for protection.

Amendment three: A soldier can't force any homeowner to house them even in a time of war without the owners approval.

Amendment Four: People have a right to privacy in their homes and papers/ documents. If a warrant is placed then their has to be logical reasons why the person is to be seized and the description of the place.

Amendment Five: the fifth amendment protect you from incriminating yourself it's the right to remain silence.

Amendment Six: they have a right to have an attorney and to have a trial set within a certain amount of time. And have the trial judged by fair people who live in the area where the crime was committed

Amendment Seven: if someone is charged with a crime that is twenty dollars or more then they have a right to a joury trial

Amendment Eight: The prosecutor can't take a piece of one amendment to punish a defendant without taking into account the whole amendment

Amendment Nine: they have the right for appropriate bail and fines that fit the crime and are protected against cruel and unusual punishment.

Amendment Ten:

Amendment Eleven: You cant be sued by someone to lives in another state or country

Amendment Twelve: amendment twelve giving us directions on how to vote.

Amendment thirteen: Our right against slavery

Amendment fourteen: any natural born male citizen of the United States has the right to vote who has not aided an enemy of their state or the United States, has the right to vote.

Amendment Fifteen: giving citizen the right to vote no matter what racie they are.

Amendment Sixteen: We have to pay taxes.

Amendment Seventeen: there is two senators for each state. One is chosen by us the people the other is appointed by the state Segislaures so serve a term for six year. When there is a vacancy the state legislature can make a temporary appointment to fill the vacancy intil the next election.

Amendment Eighteen: the liquor law. You cannot export liquor from the united state or import liquor into the united state

Amendment Ninteen: gives woman the right to vote

Amendment Twenty: direction on how to proceed if the president for the president in case the president dies.

Amendment Tewnty-One: makes amendment eighteen the "liquor law" void.

Amendment Twenty-Two: gives a president only two terms.

Amendment Twenty- Three:

Amendment Twenty-Four: if you owe taxes then you can still vote.

Amendment Twenty-Five: if the president dies then the Vice President becomes president, then he nominates a Vice President as long as the majority of both houses of congress agree.

Amendment Twenty-Six: changes the age from twenty one to eighteen to vote.

Amendment Twenty-Seven: senators or representatives salary cannot be changed unless and election of representatives has happened.

The Constitution is pretty important to me because its my right. All of these amendment are the rule which I have always abided by, and these will be the rules that I will always follow. The Constitution states that I as a human being have freedom and right. Thanks to the Constitution we are all equal.


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