Maryland founded in 1633 MAson smith

Maryland- Founded in 1633 by George Calvert in Baltimore.

Wanted to establish a safe place for his fellow Catholics.

He was also called "Lord Baltimore"

Founded Maryland
Catholic church

Religion- Catholics. They avoided any conflict with anyone.

Catholics belief Jesus Christ is the son of God.

Bibe is error free.

Geography- Right by the Atlantic Ocean and has Chesapeake Bay.

Baltimore is its largest city which has a history on a major sea port.

Maryland is the birth place of the national anthem.

Economy- Tobacco is most of the colonies money. It saved Maryland people say.

Jobs of Maryland-Tobacco, rice, indigo (dye) furs and farm products. They just farmed for jobs

The men would work on a farm. The women would work in the house. The kids would help on the farm and in the house if they were a boy or girl.

Just farmed.


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