The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Kellyanne Conway

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NPR, Fox News Radio, MSNBC-Rachel Maddow , WHIO, Sean Hannity Show, Breitbart, RawStory, Ezra Klein Show

The Good

Well-Educated: Trinity College Graduate in Political Science, Law Degree from George Washington University

Practiced Law before being a Polling consultant - launched her own company

Gives advice to corporate brands about female demographics and provides information to republican politicians on how to relate to female voters.

Co-author of this book on American women in politics

During the 2000's she supported immigration reform, where millions of undocumented immigrants would eventually receive citizenship.

When her candidate, Ted Cruz, was failing to receive support, she then supported the Republican nominee Donald Trump. She became the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign.

The Bad

From Cruz to Trump, her stance on immigration reform changed, of which she has been highly criticized. But part of the reason Trump won was because it got the white vote, a high number of which wanted a stricter policy and Muslim ban.

The couch meme.

Plugged Ivanka Trump's clothing line on air while in an interview; invited the watchers of Fox and Friends to go out and purchase them.

The Ugly

"Alternative Facts" - Conway stated WHPS Sean Spicer was offering alternative facts to describe Trump's inaugural crowd size.

"Bowling Green Massacre" - to provide just cause for Trump's Muslim ban, she referred to an incident in Bowling Green, Kentucky where two Muslim men plead guilty for federal terrorism charges.

In defense of her client, Trump, she stood with him after the Access Hollywood leak by saying:

Another client of hers, Todd Akin in 2012, drew criticism in his failed senate run after explaining what "legitimate" rape is.

Conway also expressed that if men and women were physiologically equal, there would be no rape because the rapist would be fought off.

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