Star Wars where imagination begins

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, is the start of George Lucas greatest film Star Wars. George Lucas has brought to us imagination and what could be out there in are know universe .George Lucas has not only redefine space, But he had redefined it to a film for the whole family to enjoy. Most people think that Star Wars is the best film about space ever.But do people now how George Lucas Made the best space film ever.

Well we know from the movie that the rebellion is not the only force out there. The dreaded empire is rule the galaxy with there dreaded Death Star, Tie fighter, Star destroyer, and stormtrooper. The empire is run by the dreadful Emperor Palpatine and his apprentice Darth Vader. Darth Vader was not alway a bad guy,before he was turned into Darth Vader he was the slave boy from Tatooine named Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker was tricked into the dark side of the force by the dreaded Emperor Palpatine. But Darth Vader was not always bad because in the end of Star War Return Of The Jedi. Darth Vader helps his son Luke Skywalker defeat Emperor Palpatine. Did you know there was a total of 25,894 stormtrooper station on the death star. That was a lot of lives wasted when Luke Skywalker destroy the Death star.

There only one force that can defeat the Empire and that is the faithful Rebellion. The Rebellion has see a lot of good character come and go, like the crazy Jar Jar Bink, the loyal Qui-Qon Jin, or the kind,loving Padama . There are many other character who have died in the bring of peace in the galaxy that we often forget. Most people would remember the episode 4,5,6 because they are staring the free spirited Luke Skywalker, the Beautiful Princess Leia, the rogue Han Solo with his faithful companion Chewbacca and there ship the famous Millennium Falcon. Those are the character that people will remember for a long time because they keep coming up when everyone talks Star Wars. Have we forgotten the bold Mace Windo or the backwards talking Yoda or the evil Darth Maul or the menacing General Grievous or all those other character that have been in our past. We can't forget about those character. With out them Star Wars would be just a bunch of people shooting at each other with out a cause or solution. let just say that you forgot Qui-Qon Jin, Obi-Wan Kenobi,and Padama. If you forget those character then you would forgot who freed Anakin Skywalker and if you forget him you will forget the next three movies.

There are still some question that our on our mind when it comes to the trilogy. Like why would the Jedi finally figure out that Emperor Palpatine was a bad guy when it was to late, meaning when he already turn Anakin to the dark side. Or why would Darth Vader suddenly throw the Emperor over the side. There are many other question that the movies have not solve but there may never be solved. But In the end it made us keep up with George Lucas and his creation.

The Star Wars trilogy had a lot of twist and turns. But in the end it was fun journey to watch. Now I now I forgotten two big movies out of this but they will be coming soon. So in the mean time, go back and watch the first six Star Wars movie and get ready for more Star Wars for the years to come.

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