Nature Calls Michael Grubbs

Stamped and ready to see the Museum!

Nature on Display

Admiring the butterflies and their natural beauty

From my experience with the butterfly exhibit, within the Museum of Natural History, I truly realized how beautiful and precious nature is. Seeing all the small butterflies up close I could see such intricate detail and design; some details one would never see normally. Reading upon each of the displays, details about their origins and species were written, a history for them all. With such unique and intricate design in nature, one simply cannot ignore its utter brilliance. Take a slower walk to class and actually look at the nature you pass, look at the tree you pass daily and look at its bark and cracks, what is its history? This exhibit played as a reminder that the environment me is lush and full of life and just needs to be looked at through a different perspective, rather than the normal autonomous nature that possesses me to walk quickly to class. Nature is beautiful and sometimes its gotta stare at you in the face for you to realize that.

Nature and Ethics

A small scaled exhibit of Natives living in a small fishing village

It is critical we realize the actual ties we have to the land, not just as a resource bank but our home and provider. Humans have been living off the lands of earth for thousands upon thousands of years and we need to respect our planet more nowadays. The earth, as Leopold describes it, is a "Biotic Community" and for its true conservation and saving we must understand that term. With our history, there's a respect due and set of ethics needed for the treatment of Earth.

As I walked through the museum, I felt a sense of awe and wonder to the exhibits realizing all this resides on the same planet I call home. There is so much to the life on this planet and so much to discover. For my friends with me, we shared similar reactions to the majesty of all the nature and how much there was to look at. With each exhibit, we were dragged into another ecosystem, another world. Each as immersive and full of details that made you think of the real thing. From the museum, I can positively say it helped instill a ethical responsibility I have as a human with nature. We were born on this planet and nurtured by it and must take new progressive steps to begin redoing the damage we have already dealt; for earth and our own survival.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Deep sea has always fascinated me as it is so mysterious and undiscovered, yet it is still on Earth. Almost like alien life we have yet discover, the bottoms of the oceans are so strange and interesting. This situation just reminds me of the rest of the universe and its majesty and mystery that have no known bounds. We are such a small blimp in the universe yet all life as we know it is here and thriving. It is incomprehensible how big everything is.

On a smaller scale, the Museum strengthened how much majesty there is to be found on just our planet alone. Hundreds of species of butterflies with unique details to a mammoths and ancient animals, the nature found on earth is diverse and full of life. Connecting to it on a personal level is important, as every human should appreciate their surroundings and never take them for granted.

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